The problem

K12 Insight is an EdTech company that builds software for school districts. For their Implementation Team, onboarding a new client means hosting in-person training sessions that can run as long as 90 minutes. The busy schedules of the attendees make these presentations hard to set up, and even harder to repeat. Getting everyone started can take several weeks. Momentum is lost, and schools lose valuable time from their subscription.

The solution

With a more instructional experience when users log into the platform for the first time, we addressed the questions that are commonly asked in the in-person meetings. How do I log in? What does that term mean? Who will see my activity? What should I do next?

Below you can find a prototype featuring the new flow.

Sign Up Flow, First Steps
Pulsating dots in the UI take the user on a discovery journey.
A checklist keeps the users on track.